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A native of Oklahoma, Clay Aery has had a passion for music since a very young age. Although he pursued an athletic dream in college an injury led to the end of his career on the field. However, he soon found a new field to display his talents on in the form of a stage. Needing to find ways to occupy his time he filled it with mastering the craft of playing the guitar and writing his own songs. He is influenced by a wide variety of artists, from George Strait to Alan Jackson and from Keith Whitley to Merle Haggard; he finds his country roots deep and very traditional. 


“I was in music class in elementary school and the class was all singing songs. The teacher looked at me and said, “Hey Clay, pick a song for us to sing today.” So, I picked the Garth Brooks song, “We Shall Be Free.” I picked that song out of a book we used in music class because it was one of the only country music songs I could find."

Aery's love for music and people shines throughout the music he writes and records. “When someone tells me that they have enjoyed my performance, that gives me a great feeling inside. I hope my songs can bring a smile to their face after they have had rough week encountering whatever has been bothering them." 


Whether it is on the field or on the stage one thing is for certain. Clay Aery is going to bring it and you're going to remember his name.

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